Cedar - It Pays to Care: Announcing Cedar’s New Brand and Digital Presence

It Pays to Care: Announcing Cedar’s New Brand and Digital Presence

As Cedar continues to onboard new health system partners, interact with millions of patients annually, and enhance our platform’s capabilities for end-to-end patient financial engagement, the time is right to officially share the new Cedar brand and website we’ve developed to reflect the company’s growth, value proposition and mission—launched today!

We’ve come a long way…

Cedar was founded in mid-2016 to tackle the challenge of improving the patient financial experience by making medical bills easier for patients to understand and resolve. While we established product-market fit early, our technology evolved quickly in collaboration with our initial clients. Florian and Arel, Cedar’s founders, started the company with an unwavering focus on improving the patient experience. It was this focus that led us to prioritize and progress the platform’s personalization engine in order to give patients the most customized and convenient experience possible. We also invested heavily in design, creating an unmatched, patient-first user interface leveraging empathy to engage patients in ways that feel authentic and empowering. And most recently, we’ve built an end-to-end experience for patients that includes pre-visit features like registration forms, insurance capture and co-pays.

Ultimately, it’s our patient-centered mission that really brings value to healthcare providers through aligned incentives. Improved patient experiences drive increased patient engagement which very clearly leads to improved financial and operational outcomes. It really is that simple. Happier patients equate to healthier businesses. Or as we like to say, it pays to care!

Visuals to match our vision: Cedar’s new brand

On the heels of being named a top health tech innovator by KLAS, we’ve launched the new Cedar brand to catalyze the momentum and awareness we’re seeing in the market, and reflect the core values that underpin our team culture. Our goal is to showcase Cedar’s differentiation in the marketplace, while also driving more clarity and consistency across everything we do.

While the brand update extends across photography, custom iconography, colors, fonts and language, Cedar’s new logo is one small but important element. After much debate, we decided to keep the cedar cone icon, but modernize it. Beyond a simple visual representation of the Cedar company name, symbolically the cone represents growth, strength, protection and longevity. Cedar trees have a medicinal association yet the bright salmon-colored cone icon stands out in the sea of blues and greens commonly used in healthcare. Finally, in the redesigned cedar cone icon, the base of the cone depicts stability. And if you squint hard enough you may even see the abstraction of a person with open, outstretched arms (we’re huggers around here).

Cedar cone (1).png

We’ve also modernized the Cedar wordmark. Avenir, which is a friendly, rounded font, has been customized (never underestimate the importance of customization) to differentiate Cedar’s position. The key aspect to call out is the very purposeful connection between the first two letters. This connected “c” and “e” represents the consumer-centric, convenient and congruent end-to-end experience we believe patients deserve as they navigate the healthcare journey.

Wordmark (1).png

Same domain, new digital experience

The same philosophy that guided Cedar’s rebrand also extended to our website refresh, which now not only reflects the updated brand voice and visual identity but is also faster, easier to navigate and more user-friendly.

Take a tour around the new site:

– Learn about Cedar’s platform featuresproductsresults and what our clients have to say

– Access our latest thought leadershipcompany insights and press

– Meet Cedar’s leadership team and quickly find open roles

– Beyond that, enjoy interactive product shots, more video content and many more ways to engage

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about our new brand and experience the website that now better reflects our company culture and vision. For the latest on all things Cedar, sign up for blog updates below and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Bethany Hale is the Chief Marketing Officer At Cedar where she is able to combine her passion for storytelling (practiced on her 5-year-old daughter) and team-building in order to create impact through moments and insights that matter. Previously at IBM, American Express and Samsung, she has close to 20 years of experience in strategy, operations and marketing.