Cedar - Cedar Client Summit 2019 Recap: Staying Competitive in Today’s Digital and Patient-Centric World

Cedar Client Summit 2019 Recap: Staying Competitive in Today’s Digital and Patient-Centric World

In September 2019, the Cedar Client Summit brought together top healthcare leaders from across the country to explore the trends at the forefront of improving the patient financial experience. The signature event was dedicated to ensuring leading healthcare providers have the right strategy and technology to stay competitive in an increasingly digital, consumer-centric world.  

“We’re going through a dramatic sea change in healthcare,” remarked the keynote speaker Dr. David Shulkin, MD, who served as the Ninth Secretary of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. “We’re going from a B2B model to a B2C model, where the consumer is the boss.” 

Healthcare executives mingled with experts in design, data science and health-tech, all focused on the objective of providing an exceptional patient financial experience. Speaking sessions from Cedar leadership and client partners kicked off the agenda, and networking and cocktails concluded the day. 

A couple highlights: 

  • Cedar Co-founder and CEO Florian Otto shared that while healthcare billing historically has a satisfaction rating lower than visiting the DMV, Cedar has achieved a 95% patient satisfaction rating for provider clients. 
  • Head of Data Science Yohann Smadja explained the mechanics behind how Cedar delivers truly personalized billing. By marrying historical patient engagement and payment information with third-party datasets, Cedar’s technology enables providers to deliver tailored experiences based on an intimate understanding of patient behaviors and trends and tailors outreach delivery timing, communication method, message copy, and design. 

Check out all the highlights in this recap video.

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