Cedar - Increase patient payments by optimizing front-end revenue cycle

Increase patient payments by optimizing front-end revenue cycle

After record post-visit success, pre-visit expansion drives 15% surge in patient payments

Epic HB/PB • Health System • South Carolina

After record post-visit success, pre-visit expansion drives 15% surge in patient payments
increase in patient payments
driven by Cedar Pay 1
increase in payment rate
with addition of Cedar Pre 2
reduction in no-show rate
with addition of Cedar Pre 3

Making it easy to pay, access and choose AnMed

AnMed knows that it takes more than just exceptional clinical care to be the provider of choice. That’s why they partnered with Cedar. After simplifying the bills patients receive after care with Cedar Pay — and achieving remarkable outcomes — AnMed wanted to streamline their check-in process using Cedar Pre. The vision: Create a unified, consistent, engaging financial experience for their patients.

Brett Justice

Chief Strategy Officer

Advancing AnMed’s mission
Denise Kitchen

Director of Professional Billing

Building trust with patients
Samantha Evans

Director of Patient Financial Services
and Patient Access, AnMed

Why patient payments matter

Many visits, one check-in

Patients get one streamlined communication for multiple same-day visits—no more alert fatigue or repetitive check-in steps

Estimates made simple

AnMed removes barriers to care by providing
clear, timely good faith estimates that comply
with the No Surprises Act

End-to-end payments

Patients can now manage both pre-and post-visit payments during check-in, ensuring a seamless financial experience

Dig deeper into AnMed’s story

Improved access
Efficiency gains
Cedar vs. others
What does an 11% reduction in patient no-shows mean for AnMed?

“The fewer no-shows we have, the more patients we can actually see. We’re quite literally creating access and we don’t have to go out and hire additional providers to make up some of that volume. It also helps us improve clinician satisfaction because it makes them more productive. That’s a good way to improve your efficiency and effectiveness over the long term.”

-Brett Justice

How does greater digital patient self-service drive staff efficiency?

“When you look at staffing, we’re having to do more with less. So the cost benefit in my mind is our staff have less paperwork to do and therefore we save time and can handle other things we haven’t been able to get to. For example, there’s a lot with the No Surprises Act and we’re trying to get more estimates out to patients. We’re now able to train in-office staff to create those estimates, which will also help us improve accuracy.”

-Denise Kitchen

What was the implementation process like with Cedar?

“We were able to build as partners rather than Cedar coming and saying, ‘hey, here’s how our tool works,’ and then we’re scrambling on the back-end to figure out how we are going to redo our workflows to make that work. I really appreciated how much input we had and being able to say, ‘this is what our staff sees now and we really don’t want to disrupt their daily workflow; how can you help support that rather than change it?’ For the most part, Cedar was able to accommodate.”

-Samantha Evans

What sets Cedar apart from other partners?

“Cedar has been great about coming to the table every few weeks and saying, ‘hey, we dove into your data and we think that this would be good to implement at AnMed.’ You don’t have a lot of partners who do that. A lot of times you work with a partner to get something up and implemented and then it’s, ‘hey, let’s meet once a month and look at the results.’ Cedar is very proactive about bringing new ideas and that’s a constant conversation.”

-Samantha Evans


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1. Based on a comparison between pre-Cedar Pay (CY 2019-2020) and post-Cedar Pay (Mar 2021-Nov 2023) AnMed patient billing and collection data
2. Based on a comparison between Cedar Pay only (Dec 2021-Oct 2022) and Cedar Pay with Cedar Pre (Dec 2022-Oct 2023) AnMed patient billing and collection data
3. Based on a comparison between pre-Cedar Pre (CY 2022) and post-Cedar Pre (Jan-Oct 2023) AnMed patient no-show data