Cedar - PFX Benchmark

PFX Benchmark

You’ve built an award-winning patient financial experience.
But do patients feel like they’re winning, too?

Get an objective view
of patient financial performance

Cedar’s PFX Benchmarks give you a complete picture, capturing the financial and human impact of your patient financial experience. Measure performance, benchmark against peers, and see where you can improve — for the good of everyone.

Measure what matters

Gauge the impact of your patient financial experience using five metrics derived from data you already have.

Compare your performance

Evaluate progress and see how you stack up against the industry median and top percentile performers.

Pinpoint opportunities

Get recommendations based on your data and that of your peers — no more biased vendor assessments.

Our approach to benchmarking

The data
PFX Benchmarks are set using data sourced by Cedar and a survey from the Health Management Academy.
Always current
To maintain accuracy and relevance, PFX Benchmarks are continually refined with new data captured.
Expert analysis
Our team of data scientists, value engineers and consultants deliver custom reports and action plans.