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Partner with Cedar to expand your solution’s reach, unlock co-selling opportunities and accelerate sales cycles.

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Partnering up brings costs down—for our partners, our clients and their patients

Cedar works with EHR vendors, consulting service firms, digital health marketplaces and healthcare technology and services companies. By combining our expertise and product offerings, we can bring innovation to healthcare and improve the consumer financial experience.


Drive value for clients, faster

Through streamlined sales cycles and pre-negotiated contracting, Cedar partnerships help clients see value quicker. Results include better financial outcomes, improved patient satisfaction and happier clients.

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Hospital Association of Southern California

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Panda Health

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Improving patient financial engagement is an urgent priority for our buyers, which is why partnering with Cedar has been incredibly beneficial. We were able to connect them with CentraCare to optimize the end-to-end billing experience while cutting procurement time in half.

Sara Strom, VP of Marketing at Panda Health

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