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How Nuvance Health can improve patient experiences & financial outcomes

When you give patients a flawless digital experience, they’re far more likely to engage and stay loyal.

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How Nuvance Health can improve patient experiences & financial outcomes

How Nuvance Health patients engage

Through our affiliated physicians and staffing agencies, Cedar has served over 16,000 Nuvance Health patients and understands their engagement preferences. Our results speak for themselves: among Cedar customers serving Nuvance Health patients, collections are up over 20%.

patient collections uplift
Cedar client affiliated with Nuvance Health
patient satisfaction
Cedar client affiliated with Nuvance Health

Strengthen your brand at every digital touchpoint

Nuvance Health has seven hospitals along with an expanded network of providers offering high-quality care. But that also means dozens of different digital experiences.

Cedar differentiates Nuvance Health from competitors with a unified experience that provides personalized and frictionless interactions–from pre-visit through final payment.

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Optimize your Cerner investment

You’ve made a significant investment in your Cerner digital ecosystem. With Cedar, you can increase the ROI of that investment and improve your digital patient engagement strategy by:

  • Delivering seamless patient experiences through integration with the Cerner Consumer Framework
  • Driving digital adoption at scale via optimized outbound engagement and guest check-in and payment
  • Futureproofing your EHR with a modern platform built for fast and scalable innovation

Cerner Case Study

West Tennessee Healthcare

Trusted with the health and well-being of over a half a million people living in a rural region, West Tennessee Healthcare uses Cedar Pay to personalize patient touchpoints along the post-care financial journey and simplify bill resolution.
increase in patient collections
increase in digital payments
patient satisfaction
West Tennessee Healthcare

Meet your team

Our team has worked with the world’s leading health systems and physician groups to make the implementation process as smooth and successful as possible. We’re looking forward to connecting with the Nuvance Health team!

Sam Greenspan
Manager of Partnerships

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