Cedar - Introducing the Cedar Tech Decode Blog

Introducing the Cedar Tech Decode Blog

By bringing cutting-edge customer-centric technology to an industry that has traditionally lagged behind, Cedar is helping to fix America’s broken healthcare system. This mission has attracted some of the world’s most prestigious top-tier investors, putting us into high-growth mode and positioning us as one of the leading digital health platforms.

Needless to say, from an engineering perspective, combining expertise from consumer-facing industries like ad tech and fintech to transform one of the worst experiences people can have—healthcare finance—is not only immensely exciting, it’s also enormously rewarding.

Our engineering team believes that every line of code is integral as we release quality products that exceed expectations. This dedication to intuitive, consumer-centric product design informs our core engineering values. But it also means that we must always continue to strengthen our team, fostering a culture and environment where the best and brightest engineers can grow and learn every day.

Our new engineering blog, Cedar Tech Decode, is an outgrowth of our mission, vision and values. We’ve launched it to educate our team and the larger tech community about them, in addition to our methods, insights, lessons learned and more.

As we keep striving toward excellence, we hope you’ll be part of the journey by interacting with us here, or even joining our world-class team. And if you see a position that interests you, please apply. We’d love to hear from you.

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Thanks and happy reading!