Cedar - Cedar CEO Florian Otto Named a Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEO of 2021

Cedar CEO Florian Otto Named a Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEO of 2021

We’re proud to announce that Cedar Co-Founder and CEO Florian Otto, MD, PhD, has been ranked among the top 50 healthcare technology CEOs by The Healthcare Technology Report for the second year in a row.

The 2021 Top 50 list represents some of the most exemplary CEOs in healthcare technology, overseeing the development of industry-leading medical devices, next generation software platforms, cutting-edge drugs and therapeutics, advanced diagnostics and other innovations.

In addition to overseeing their companies’ efforts from the C-suite, many leaders on the list—including Otto—are founders or co-founders of their organizations. Alongside the awardees who saw unique opportunities for radical transformation within their areas of expertise, Otto has been on a mission to modernize (and optimize) the healthcare engagement experience for patients. Above all, he is dedicated to prioritizing transparency, empathy and patient-centric service in healthcare. Since co-founding Cedar in 2016, he has overseen a period of extraordinary growth for the company, as it has proven to be a disruptive player within the industry—building a patient payment and engagement platform that makes the healthcare financial experience more personalized, intuitive, and easy to use.

The complete profile and top 50 list is available here.