Cedar - 10 Reasons to Embrace Digital Financial Engagement Solutions

10 Reasons to Embrace Digital Financial Engagement Solutions

Despite the promise of business value, many healthcare organizations are slow to adopt digital transformation. Busy (and often overwhelmed) healthcare leaders tend to adhere to the “devil-you-know” way of thinking.

Waiting to avoid the inevitable just leaves organizations falling further behind and struggling to catch up. Consider the relationship equity with patients that’s getting chipped away by not devoting resources to patient financial engagement: it’s potentially harmful to your reputation, and you’ll have to work even harder to see bill resolution. Plus, it hampers efficiency, increases costs and leads to administrative waste.

For some healthcare organizations, making the transition to digital financial engagement solutions is an obvious step to take in ensuring that revenue goals are met (or even exceeded), and setting a template for success in the future. Others are more hesitant to leverage these opportunities, even as consumers increasingly demand them.

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