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Unlock hidden dollars for patients

Self-serve Medicaid enrollment, HSA funds, payment plans and more—now just a few taps away

Unlock hidden dollars for patients<br />
Struggling to pay

100 million patients live with medical debt

Jeremy is among them

Over the years, when the 31-year-old musician landed in the emergency room without insurance, bills racked up. The first time, he broke his foot after slipping on ice. Another time, he had chest pains caused by a chronic upper respiratory condition.

By 2022, Jeremy owed more than $4,000 and was in the dark about the help he could get. When he was unable to pay, debt collectors hounded him for money and even showed up at his doorstep. The experience took a toll on his mental health and kept him away from needed care.


Affordability Navigator

Empower patients like Jeremy with self-service tools, so they can affordably pursue the care they need. Healthcare financial success is not a zero-sum game: you can advance your mission and margin at the same time.

increase in payment plan creation for eligible patients
increase in patient utilization of HSA and FSA funds
patient satisfaction with the billing experience

  • Full-Service Medicaid Enrollment

    Reach and enroll more eligible patients in Medicaid. Cedar, in partnership with Advocatia, is helping organizations like AnMed increase insurance coverage for patients through personalized eligibility screening, digital self-service enrollment and empathetic patient servicing. 

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    Full-Service Medicaid Enrollment
  • Financial Assistance Screener

    Enable patients to self-screen for financial assistance eligibility before they call in—saving your staff for the most complex cases. Cedar’s screener cut inbound call volume by 2% for one customer, a savings of effectively 200 call center hours over three months.

    Financial Assistance Screener
  • Connected HSAs and FSAs

    Make it easy for patients to tap into the $100B+ in tax-free HSA funds across the U.S. with Cedar’s HSA bank integrations. By simplifying access to health benefit accounts, Allegheny Health Network saw a 33% increase in HSA and FSA spending. 

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    Connected HSAs and FSAs
  • Payment Plan Advisor

    Engage patients on their terms and guide them onto payment plans that work for their budgets and pay cycles. Whether it’s driving adoption or reducing cancellations, Cedar’s Payment Plan Advisor is continuously fine-tuned to improve outcomes.

    Payment Plan Advisor
  • Machine Learning Discounts

    Automatically determine the optimal discount for every self-pay patient, at scale. Cedar’s personalized discounts helped lower the cost of care for the most vulnerable patients while boosting payments by 5%.

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    Machine Learning Discounts
Full-Service Medicaid Enrollment
Financial Assistance Screener
Connected HSAs and FSAs
Payment Plan Advisor
Machine Learning Discounts

“Cedar will help us provide much-needed support 
to our patients, with full-service Medicaid enrollment as an integrated part of the billing experience.”

Christine Pearson | Chief Financial Officer


Power mission and margin

Cedar's Affordability Navigator is part of the Cedar Suite, an end-to-end healthcare financial engagement platform that makes it easy for patients to prepare for visits and resolve their bills. See it in action today.

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