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Collections Lift

How much revenue is your health system leaving on the table?

Health systems are facing unprecedented financial challenges and need to collect every dollar owed to them. While EHR patient portals offer basic payment features, they fail to deliver the high-quality engagement needed to elevate collections performance. What does that mean for your health system?
How much revenue is your health system leaving on the table?
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of consumers still haven’t
accessed a patient portal
of consumers engage with
their patient portal meaningfully

EHRs will only get you so far

There’s no “silver bullet” to improve consumer experiences and increase collections. Personalization is the key to impactful engagement, and that doesn’t happen by simply adding more consumer touchpoints or enabling login-free payments. It takes knowing the perfect combination of consumer behaviors and interactions to drive customer and business outcomes.

High-quality engagement in action:

  • +3% collections when Cedar cuts texting frequency in half for consumers who also opt into email and paper statements
  • +4% collections when Cedar uses empathetic messaging in communications for high-balance/low p2p consumers
  • +5% collections when Cedar pairs optimized discount offers with payment plans for true self-pay accounts

Move at the speed of consumers (not EHRs)

Consumer preferences change quickly, and health systems need an agile digital partner that is constantly fighting for adoption and engagement. That’s where Cedar comes in. 

With a modern platform built for fast and scalable innovation, Cedar helps health systems realize a significant increase in collections by complementing and extending EHRs to keep pace with shifting consumer demands. See how Cedar can deliver high-quality engagement and rapid ROI for your organization today.



What’s the true cost of low patient engagement?

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Find out how much EHR limitations are costing your health system every year.

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Get your custom collections lift report!


AnMed Health Increased Collections 24% With Cedar

Read how Cedar augmented AnMed’s EHR to offer actionable payment notices and spike engagement.
lift in digital self-service payments
reduction in average days to collect
AnMed Health Increased Collections 24% With Cedar