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Price Transparency Executive Brief

CMS recently released a transformative price transparency rule for hospitals, requiring the disclosure of all standard rates for care (including negotiated rates) and the sharing of at least 300 “shoppable” services in a “consumer-friendly manner” by January 2021. Haven’t had time to read the 330+ page rule? Read the Executive Brief for everything you need to know.


2019 Healthcare Consumer Experience Study

In partnership with Survata, Cedar commissioned the 2019 Healthcare Consumer Experience Study, a detailed independent study to identify the most important trends impacting the patient financial experience. Get the new report for insights on what patients value in the healthcare financial journey, as well as the impact of revenue cycle technology for provider organizations working to alleviate increasing consumer frustration.


The Academy 2019 Report: Optimizing the Patient Financial Experience

In partnership with Cedar, the Health Management Academy (The Academy) conducted a series of quantitative and qualitative assessments with senior executives at leading health systems, collectively managing more than $89 billion in operating revenue, to identify priorities, strategies and challenges regarding the patient financial experience and provide a framework for a more consumer-centered approach. Get the guide for insider tips on creating a consumer-centric patient financial journey.


Value Calculator

Patients are paying unprecedented amounts on out-of-pocket medical costs with no end in sight. Healthcare providers are experiencing a direct impact to their time and cost to collect. To date, providers using Cedar Pay have seen approximately 35% increase in patient collections and a 95% or greater patient satisfaction rating. How much could your organization save with Cedar? Use our value calculator find out.

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Infographic: Modern convenience pays, yet healthcare providers leave (lots of) money on the table. Find out why.

Convenience improves engagement and financials. By offering patients a clear and convenient way to pay for care, healthcare providers can reverse patient frustration and stop leaving money on the table.


Whitepaper: How to deliver a consumer-focused billing experience

Want to increase collections without going to collections? Deliver a consumer-focused billing experience. Learn winning strategies for happier patients and a bigger bottom line by downloading our whitepaper.


Webinar: The Personalization Imperative

Watch this webinar to learn new ways to employ the most modern engagement strategies in patient billing.