Optimized patient interactions with brilliant results

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Smart science that drives revenue cycle results

The Cedar platform combines data science and machine learning to connect patients with healthcare providers in a way that helps solve the critical challenges of patient billing and payment.

A consumer-centric approach is always on our mind

It’s the smart science and insights behind our platform that help deliver a modern payment and communications experience unique to each patient:

Personalized communications

Use data to target your patient population with the communication method they’re most likely to respond to — mobile, email, or paper.

Customized payment methods

Patients today expect multiple ways to pay. Leverage tailored payment options that drive better engagement.

Real-time customer support

Quickly answer patient questions and speed up the payment process with live chat functionality.

Designed to elevate the healthcare experience

Lead your team with data-driven insights. Our platform provides advanced analytics and embedded workflow tools to help you stay on top of all business-critical metrics and improve patient satisfaction.

Patient relationship management

Track all patient questions and interactions, so you can better optimize outreach efforts.

Insightful dashboards

Maintain data on collections results, patient engagement, and patient satisfaction in real time.

White-label solution

Amplify your brand with the Cedar platform and avoid potential patient confusion.