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COVID-19: Special briefing on hospital and financial preparedness from VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin

“Pandemics have a way of changing the world. So what we’re seeing now is really something that is going to impact us for the rest of our lives,” according to Dr. David Shulkin, M.D., longtime healthcare executive and the Ninth Secretary of Veterans Affairs. In a recent COVID-19 special briefing for hospital and revenue cycle leaders, Dr. Shulkin shared the latest insights about the ways in which we can expect the world to change and how to prepare.

Watch the briefing to learn how COVID-19 compares to previous pandemics (did you know the bubonic plague lasted six years?), why hospitals may only make back 30% of lost revenue in the forthcoming government stimulus and how this virus is likely to change the world.

Key topics include:

  • Overall COVID-19 context and tips (managing transmission, infection and testing)
  • Hospital emergency preparedness (monitoring staffing, supplies, surge capacity)
  • Financial impact and revenue cycle best practices (optimizing revenue streams, stimulus funding, patient billing)
  • Post-COVID-19 impact (anticipating long-term shifts)

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