Beyond four walls: ChristianaCare CEO Dr. Janice Nevin on creating a virtual-first, patient-centric care model

While many health systems rushed to adopt telehealth and digital care strategies over the last few months, some pioneering healthcare leaders had been promoting these tactics long before it was a necessity. At ChristianaCare, one of the most innovative health systems in the mid-Atlantic, virtual-first care was well on its way to becoming the norm before COVID-19.

Since taking the helm as president and CEO over five years ago, Janice Nevin, M.D., has led the push for ChristianaCare to conduct population health management that extends beyond the hospital doors. “We realized that in order to help people get the outcomes they deserved, care increasingly had to happen outside of the four walls of the facilities,” Dr. Nevin said.

In a virtual event with Cedar on May 29, Dr. Nevin shared how her goal was to take ChristianaCare beyond just being a great health system to become a system that “impacts the health of all the people that live in all the communities that we serve...It’s not only understanding the people who come to you and identify as patients, it’s understanding that the community in which they live is very much part of how they achieve their health outcomes.” Under her tenure, ChristianaCare has grown its primary care population by 60% and redesigned their care model to facilitate virtual-first engagement with patients.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Nevin now for all the insights on how to successfully design and build a virtual care and value-based strategy from this visionary healthcare leader.

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