Cedar’s Anti-Racism Pledge

Cedar’s Anti-Racism Pledge


It’s time for healthcare to change

Research shows that Black individuals receive worse care and less dedicated health resources than the general population, which leads to poorer health outcomes. Racism continues to negatively affect every step of the healthcare journey. Additionally, Black Americans face greater financial burdens from the healthcare system—including higher out-of-pocket spending, greater medical debt and more contact with collections agencies. These issues need to be addressed immediately with deliberate action.

Cedar commits to making a difference

To lead the way for a more equitable healthcare system, we also need to build a more diverse Cedar. We have a long way to go and can’t solve these problems overnight. But we can take the necessary steps to improve key parts of the company.

This starts with hiring.

Our goal is to:

  • Attract: Black candidates who view Cedar as a place they can thrive
  • Identify: Talented people who believe in our mission, regardless of where they reside
  • Empower: Black employees so they feel safe, included and supported at work
  • Promote: Employees fairly based on their contributions

Our plan also encompasses:

Phase I: Goals & milestones

Progress is already underway. This year, we've launched an employee mentorship program, gathered employee representation data and conducted a pay equity audit. To continue our efforts, here are next steps we're working toward in the coming months.

  • Share employee representation data
  • Introduce attrition data by demographics for internal reporting
  • Report pay equity audit results for increased transparency
  • Expand Cedar’s copy guidelines to outline inclusivity considerations


Our initial focus on Black Americans does not dilute our commitment and ongoing efforts to support others (such as LGBTQIA+ individuals). Rather, this is a recognition of the unique harm of anti-Black racism and what can be done to eradicate it. While this is just the first part of our journey to build a more equitable and inclusive healthcare system, we favor progress over perfection. We’ll hold ourselves accountable by sharing updates on our plan throughout 2022, so stay tuned for more.

From our founder
Buy-in starts at the top. That’s why it’s so important our executive team supports this pledge. To learn more about Cedar’s stand against racism, read this message from our co-founder and CEO Florian Otto.
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DE&I at Cedar
Many dedicated Cedarians have been laying the groundwork to help this pledge become a reality. Find out more about all of Cedar’s existing DE&I programs, including our employee resource groups like Cedar-versity, [email protected] and Pridecones.
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